Maria places the fish in a striped box. The body of the fish is inert and its

gelatinous eye looks back in upon itself. Dead fish. Lame fish. It is time for you

to go. She packs it with bright yellow tissue paper so that it won’t break and

three plastic hearts from the dollar store. To the left she places a jagged knife

and a miniature skillet. To the right a portable cow toothbrush, a toy soldier

and a cream puff from her favorite pastry shop. Fish moving along a small boat

swallowed by a sea of origami lanterns.

She shines a spotlight on it to make sure it is dead. Fish wears a little daisy chain

around its neck and a faux fur coat. She reads instructions from her medical

manual – fluid accumulation in the brain. The head of the fish is small and

delicate. The body of the fish, the silver fins sitting next to bright yellow tissue.

Happy fins, happy stripes moving in clear water. Fish shudders. Fish milkshake

with fries and a fan waving poison drops from a small bottle. Lead drops slow

steady poison. Fumes talking fish jabber jilt jolt. Fish. Time for fish to be sent on

boat over to fish tank. Cemetery of hopeful mouths. Maria walks to the post office

with the box under her arm. The concrete blocks are wet like her fish. Her black

leather shoes go tap tap tap. The markets sell bright colored fish. Fish the color

of coral, fish with stripes from the navy, tentacle friends of fish lie next to them

on a bed of ice. Women with fish tail lying out of mouth. Red mouth. Blood from

mouth. Blood from fish. Oriental tail leaps and tail flashes. Flop fan fingernails

lines of blood along body of fish. Fish dropping in water.

An eye peers at her from above and opens a lazy lid like a sea animal floating

in light. Pink eye grey eye yellow eye pale yellow stripes poison. Poison fish.

Fish eye bulge human eye same as fish eye. Grey flesh of fish. Eye like a raw

egg. Fish dull poison. Blue blood coursing through extended network of veins.

Pulsating and bright, Maria weighs the fish and mails it express.


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